kathy ng

am a playwright, librettist and hybrid theater-maker from hong kong (pls liberate), currently based in brooklyn (pls liberate). the content of my stuff-stuff changes day to day, but most of them often deal with the actions of magnification and collage. i like to disrupt, communicate accumulation, and chart the starry conditions of non-humanity. i like to write about bugs, food, and MOMENTOUS BOOBS.

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work 1

after a brief involuntary stint in a psych ward (bellevueee), i re-watched a national geographic utube video in which a parasitic wasp implants a caterpillar with her eggs, that’s how she reproduces. at the time, the image of a million maggots exploding out of a parasitized caterpillar really spoke to how i felt about my experience in the psych unit. ooooo
“maggot boi” was my mfa thesis wrritten with alien music man henco espag. is a three-part, full length, musical-opera, cosmic bug fever dream. squeezed out of the feeling of sticky fist. 

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“maggot boi” was originally intended to have a workshop production spring 2020, produced through theatre now new york. alas, canceled due to covid. stay tuned for updates + email for libretto/demos! 

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maggot boi 

work 2

hm...how to describe. 
the vibe and dreamspace is “samson” by regina spektor and may 21, 1921 when a wonder graced the nation through the form of pre-sliced white bread. featuring a purple potato, someone tired, a nasal spray addict, and an annoyling quirky corpse that ferments into a pickle. a thousand years pass. another thousand passes again. somewhere in the middle of all that time, a sandwich is made. does the wonder ever come? 

a full-length play. 

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bread and daddies

work 3

what ghosts are living in those walls that surround her day and night? i hope they are good and kind. 

a full-length in progress. a story about the horrors of postmodern isoluation. full of stacked bodies, vomit, creamy tentacles and dead dead city birds. honoroable mention for the hearth’s virtual retreat commission. 

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stay tuned~~~

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happy life 

other works

1/ aya’s last day 

you know how sometimes when you’re served a really fancy slab of wagyu beef, you receive a death certificate of the cow that you’re eating, and it’s weird? 

a 20 min musical about one of those cows, written with magic composer jarrett murray

better than kobe beef? 

2/ dog god

we are the little red guards
chairman mao’s little red army
today we lead the red revolution
tomorrow we turn the whole world red!!! 

a 30 min cubist musical about autocracy, china, and the weaponizaiton of childen, written with axeman maestro mike meketa

read about the chinese cultural revolution

3/ july vibrations of blubber

july is here, the one that ate your skin, and she’s not planning on leaving this time. 

a 10 min opera about the those walruses falling off the cliffs in sibera, written with wondrous composer nathan riebli

our planet, walrus  

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styrofoam study

short short short 

ppl i lov +++ resources

thank u, dreamy collaborators (check them out!)

tristen moseley (playwright, librettist)
henco espag (composer)
jarret murray (composer) 
mike meketa (composer) 
martha-emily harvel (composer)
nathan riebli (composer) 

writers i lov, lov, lov (look them up!!!)

ruth ozeki, kim hyesoon, roxane gay, maggie nelson, maría irene fornés, aleshea harris, hideki noda, julia izumi, celine song, frances ya-chu cowhig, gracie gardner, ocean vuong, kazuo ishiguro, adrienne kennedy, sarah kane, donna dinovelli, catherine imbriglio 

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